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The Savantis Group cannot be all things to all people.  We know that focus counts, but we still want to offer our customers the security of an integrated offering.  To do this, we partner with the best to combine our key capabilities and thought leadership with those of our partners.

Our partners are as follows:

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The Savantis Group is a Value Added Reseller of SAP Software and a Services partner that has been accredited by SAP Active Quality Management (AQM) Certification and SAP Partner Center of Excellence (PCoE).

As a trusted SAP Partner since 1998, Savantis has been helping mid-sized organizations to identify, customize, and implement the ideal solution to address their unique business needs.

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Protera technologies has partnered with Savantis by offering application care services for the entire SAP Platform including Total IT Outsourcing to point solutions such as on-demand SAP hosting and Cloud services.


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We offer our customers Cloud application hosting services with AWS partner services in conjunction with Protera Technologies.


We partner together to provide supply chain integration and intelligence to retailer and e-commerce customers.

SPS Commerce provides enterprise retail cloud services that allow retailers and their suppliers to create a consistent brand experience for their consumers across channels. Whether customers are shopping on a digital device or in a store, you’ll gain a unified view of your products, orders, shipments, sales, and inventory.

eBA is an SAP-certified solutions platform that extends and optimizes enterprise processes through comprehensive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) capabilities, including workflow/BPM, document and/or records management, e-forms, and document imaging/OCR. For more information, visit www.bimserint.com.


By working with Dataxstream, the Savantis Group is able to transform the way our customers are handling their complex SAP order management processes.

Their intuitive web-based user interface improves order accuracy and efficiency by interacting directly with your SAP data, minimizes sale associate mistakes, and reduces order processing time.


Since 2009, oXya has developed a strong partnership with Savantis based on our in-depth technical expertise and SAP-certified hosting solution.  In partnership with oXya, Savantis is in a position to provide our customers with an easy-to-deploy and cost- effective solution.

With an exclusive focus on offering unparalleled technical services and hosting solutions, oXya is a natural partner for the Savantis Group.

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Ready Tech is the Savantis Group’s technology partner. They help us provide hosting services for SAP training lab environments created to support our SAP Training and Education customers.


The Savantis Group has partnered with GK Software to offer our customers POS solutions and related services.

They deliver the most innovative and flexible retail solutions that empower our customers to successfully operate against the competition.

In 2000, GK/Retail was the first store solution that was certified for SAP.  GK/Retail has set the trends in modern applications for chain store companies for years, which is just one of the reasons that SAP sells their solutions worldwide.

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