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Give your Back-End System a Truly Supporting Role!

Is your current back-end information system like Finding Nemo, where it feels like a never-ending journey to get to the information you're looking for?

Is it Dazed and Confused, where your multiple systems aren't integrated and are providing you with different metrics depending on where you look?

Does it seem like Mission:  Impossible to avoid stock outs and shrinkage, and make sure you have enough staff on hand if and when you need them?

Arm yourself with the data and management tools to see what's working and what's not in real time.  One upmarket cinema chain recently upgraded its back-end system to do all of these things.  And it took just 12 weeks, and they have already experienced an ROI on their investment after only 5 months.

S4-as-a-Service (S4aaS) offers you the core functionality of SAP software, but without the capital expense and IT resources required with an in-house solution.  Our S4aaS offering can assist you with virtually all aspects of your cinema operations, including finance, sales, warehouse management, procurement, planning, distribution, and more.  With our S4aaS bundle, we will host and manage your SAP environment for you.  All you need is a web browser, and we can have you up and running in a matter of weeks, at just $195/user/month!

Running a growing and evolving cinema business is complicated enough, without having to worry about managing your IT infrastructure as well.  Simplify your life, and allow us to take away the day-to-day operational burden from your laundry list of responsibilities. 

Curious?  Watch this short video testimonial (less than 3 minutes) of how we helped this cinema customer go live with S/4 Finance and HANA for 100+ users so quickly.  And in less than 6 months, they have successfully processed over 38 million transactions with this system.  So our solution is highly scalable to meet your demanding and evolving needs.

Read the customer success story here!

Want to envision how your cinema could completely transform the movie-going experience for your customers?  Click here to watch just one scenerio about how SAP can transform your back-end operations and revolutionize the movie-going experience for your customers.

Still want to learn more?  We hosted a short webinar (less than 30 minutes) that demonstrates how we were able to empower this cinema chain with accurate, real-time data that they can use to make actionable business decisions IN THE MOMENT... not on Monday morning when all of their customers have gone home. 

You will learn to...

EMPOWER your staff to make informed business decisions based on accurate, real-time data.

EMPOWER your back-end system to capture your data and integrate it with other systems you might already have in place (such as POS).

EMPOWER your metrics to tell the full story to see how much $$$ is going out, how much is coming in, and detect any potential fraud as it happens.

Watch the recording here!