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“Today’s companies want to become more customer-centric, they want to gain insight about each consumer’s behaviors and proclivities based on the volumes of rich data before, during and after each shopping activity,” said Greg Girard, Program Director, Merchandise Strategies, International Data Corportation. “Businesses that are able to do this and deliver personalized and contextualized offers in real time will delight the customer with increased value, and, at the same time, be able to shape profitable demand.”

The ability to influence customer behavior at the point of purchase through personalized offers has enabled companies to experience up to a 20% increase in promotional conversion rates, a 15% increase in average basket size, and a 10% increase in the purchase of suggested upsell and cross-sell products. These personalized offers are created in real time by combining the consumer’s shopping context and location with the company’s knowledge of the customer’s profile, preferences, and purchase history along with in-store product availability.

We can help any size retailer maximize the return on their marketing investment and create an enhanced shopping experience by collecting and acting on massive amounts of data about customer behavior in real-time and delivering relevant offers while the customer is standing right in your store. All of this is possible with the power of SAP. 

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