Industry Expertise Customer Success Story:  Sports Basement

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Customer Success Story:  Sports Basement

Sports Basement is a sporting goods retailer with 7 locations in and around the San Francisco Bay area and an online store.  In addition to just being a retail store, they also consider themselves to be a community center, a hangout, and a hub.  Their stores are like a second home to local athletes and groups who meet there for club meetings, to host potlocks, to meet for a workout at one of their free exercise classes, or to pick up some tips at a speaker series event.  Their employees are local coaches, instructors, outdoor enthusiasts, teachers, and students.  They know that their customers are in their store so they can get outside the store with durable equipment at basement prices.

Here are just some of the ways we have helped Sports Basement completely transform their business management applications to simplify their operations and improve customer satisfaction.

ERP Implementation:
Sports Basement was operating on a legacy system that didn't integrate with their other operational systems and couldn't keep up with their growing business.  To help them, we implemented a preconfigured version of SAP specifically designed with retailers in mind.  This implementation took just over 4 months from start to finish, and with minimal disrutions to their store operations.

Benefits:  Sports Basement is now reaping the following rewards with their new system:

  • Full integration and compatibility between multiple systems
  • Analytics that give store management one version of the truth
  • Formal inventory process that allows them to better track and monitor their shrinkage rates
  • Better utilize the Promotion Management tool of the system to create targeted offers based on their customer's shopping behavior
  • And many more!

Prior to SAP, counting inventory was a HUGE pain point for Sports Basement.  This new system allowed them to create a formal inventory counting process, which drastically improved the efficiency and accuracy of their inventory.

Benefits:  With their powerful SAP system as support, Sports Basement has now instituted a formal inventory management process, which has dramatically improved the efficiency and accuracy of their store inventory.  With their legacy system for example, they typically lost over 5% of their inventory due to shrinkage, whereas now it is typically less than 1%.  Sports Basement directly attributes this decrease to their new cycle counting system as well as more educated insights provided to the team (such as purchasing products more strategically, for example).

Stock Lookups:
Sports Basement was missing out on sales opportunities because their store associates did not have easy access to their inventory management system.  So we developed a mobile app that allows them to check their stock right on the retail floor.


  • Sales Associates can now check stock of items directly on their phone or tablet right on the sales floor, without having to tie up their POS system for simple stock lookups.
  • Associates can now transfer items to their store from another store location of warehouse, or even ship items directly to the customer's house, right within the interface of the app.
  • An estimated over $500,000 in increased sales facilitated through this app in less than a year.
  • Over 17,000 stock lookups per month performed using this app.

Customer Loyalty:

With an easy-to-use mobile app, Sports Basement is now collecting insights on buying habits and preferences from their most loyal customers, and this information is integrated with their back-end SAP system in real-time.


  • With the help of this app, loyalty members are more likely to spend 2x as much on their purchases and are 2x more likely to engage with emails when compared to their occasional shopper.
  • To date, over 50,000 customers have signed up for this program, so Sports Basement is now able to collect invaluable data on the shopping habits of their most loyal customers.
  • Sports Basement has paired this app with a charitable donation where they donate 10% of their annual profits from these loyalty members.  To date, over $1 Million has been donated to date to local organizations in and around the San Francisco Bay area.

More Information:
Check out this short video (just over 2 minutes), on the Sports Basement story and why they chose to partner with SAP.