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When new apps are developed, you should be able to rapidly deploy them to add value.  Savantis is all about Rapid-to-Value.

We have developed a few “off-the-shelf” applications or configurations that make it easy for you to add functionality with low risk and short time-cycles.

Omnichannel ensures the entire ecosystem, including brand platforms and customer experiences, is seamlessly aligned, this requires you to align your vendors interactively too. We have enabled this for you quickly and easily through the world-class platform of SAP.  We offer complete EDI management that allows you to stay focused on your most pressing business needs and leave EDI management to the experts. Our network is constantly optimized, expanded, and updated, without disrupting your business.

While traditional EDI software requires manual maintenance and staffing, our outsourced solution takes the EDI burden off of your shoulders so you can dedicate your energy to building your business—and not an EDI department. Savantis has a suite of off-the shelf integrations that allow everything from EDI 810, invoice to EDI 850 Purchase Order messages. 

Looking for ways to personalize your interaction with your customers? Savantis Group can help you with integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Find out more: EDI-in-a-Box Solution Brief.

Gift Card Management

Companies can now take command of their payment card processing all within their SAP instances with Global Payment Management. Built to support end-to-end management of gift cards, promotional cards, and certificates in a closed system, GPM allows companies to securely authorize and manage all aspects of their financial transactions with full integration with sales, marketing, and accounting. GPM supports CRM and CRM interaction center, third party software, Point of Sale utilization, and indirect sales.

Based on a Series concept, all aspects of the gift card processing is controlled through simple configuration while maintaining a strict checks and balances over the entire life cycle. Features including fixed and open accounts, e-cards, recharging, balance checks, fraud control, date control and restricted use. Working with CRM marketing, GPM allows managers to issue and control promotional cards and certificates. Extensive reporting options provide full accounting, tracking and analysis of each card individually.

Back Store Replenishment

If you carry back-stock, as most retailers do, it would be great to get a notification when stock on the shelf needs replenishment – this simple set of transactions allows you to trigger transfers from back-stock and keep your shelves optimally stocked.

Fresh Item Management

We wrote the book on Fresh item management in SAP. In-Store Food Production offer comprehensive management of the fresh department's data and the tools to improve productivity, reduce shrinkage, and increase profitability. In-Store Food Production provides scale management, management of the fresh department inventory including perpetual inventory, shrinkage management tools, item forecasting and replenishment, recipe management, in-store production planning, support for meat cutting and markdown management.

Manage the full life cycle of fresh items in a store (including primals and ingredients as well as saleable products) across all fresh departments from the time of receipt of primals and ingredients through in-store production (for example, construction corresponding to recipes or deconstruction corresponding to cutting schemas) up to the provision of saleable products.

  • Automates, manages and tracks production & ordering in all fresh service areas: Meat, Seafood, Bakery, Deli, Produce & Floral
  • Helps to minimize shrink and unnecessary waste
  • Assists users in predicting what needs to be produced (neither too much or too little)