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Are you thinking about mobile apps that complement your existing SAP systems?  Would you like them standard, standard with minor customizations, or completely customized to meet your unique business needs?  Good news! We work with our customers on all three of these options.  Read our free white paper about how our customers are benefitting from our mobile apps, and all of the different options we can offer.  Like what you see?  Contact us to schedule a free demo today!

Here are just some of the Out-of-the-Box apps that we offer our customers:

The In-Store App

Are you a retailer who continuously battles against showrooming, the billion dollar problem that prevents you from converting your customers into sales?  The In-Store app allows your customers to scan a bar code of an item to conduct a quick price check from your competitors. The idea behind this app is to allow your customers to shop with confidence and know that they are getting the best possible price and buy the item while still in your store, so there is no need to go anywhere else.

In addition to performing a simple price check, the In-Store App also recommends similar or complementary items to your customers based on the item that was scanned.  This concept is a first for brick and mortar retail stores, and some analysts believe that 30% of major online retail revenue comes directly from these recommendations.

Features and Benefits:

The Shipping App

Save hundreds of hours in labor costs by enabling a single entry "scan and ship".  Improve response time from order to shipment by making complete orders immediately available for shipment.  A native SAP application, the Shipping App allows for the efficient processing and creation of shipments for today's mobile workforce.  



The Sales Saver App

Putting Native SAP mobile technology in a store associate's hands, the Sales Saver App enhances the shopping experience by allowing the store associate to find "the right product, at the right time, in the right location."  This application allows real-time product availability across all locations, allowing a sales associate to make a sale at the "point of customer interaction".


The Stock Checker App

The Stock Checker app puts SAP Mobile Technology in the palm of your hands.  It will enhance the shopping experience by allowing the store empoyee to search for inventory across multiple locations and warehouses by item number or product description right on their smartphone or tablet, without tying up your cash registers.

Read about a customer's success story while using the Stock Checker app in their stores.

"If we build it, they will come!"

Savantis Group provides business apps via an on-premise, cloud, or a managed mobility environment. Choose from our ready-to-go offerings:

  • Purchase Requisitioning
  • Receiving or Shipping
  • Sales Saver
  • Stock Checker
  • Inventory movements
  • Physical Inventory
  • Barcode
  • Supply Order
  • Customer Loyalty
  • And so much more

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