Products Centralize Visibility and Increase Productivity


Centralize Visibility and Increase Productivity

According to a study by Price Waterhouse Coopers, employees spend an average of 5% – 15% of their time reading documents, but 50% of their time looking for them.  And Gartner also estimates that 40% of time is spent retrieving documents.  Streamline your current content sharing and collaboration processes, essentially eliminating time wasted due to versioning errors, which 83% of Subject Matter Experts have reported.

The Savantis Transactional Content Management (TCM) platform allows users to get a consolidated view of all of the information relevant to a transaction on one screen, so you no longer need to switch between screens to find the information you're looking for.  Productivity is increased by allowing your employees to automatically fill out forms, launch workflows, and compose documents such as proposals, offer letters, and the like.  And by automating your workflow processes, you'll be able to more closely monitor your business processes from start to finish.

According to the ERP Manager at a European oil company, with this platform “what used to take two days can now be accomplished in one hour.  It has given us the flexibility to easily adapt to our fast-changing environment.”