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Our Support Models

As a vendor of software, support, and training, we understand the need for adequate knowledge transfer and sustainability.  We offer different support models that provide the level of care that individual customers need.

Our support model has two approaches:

1.  Based on the type of support that provides the level of care that individual customers need

          Fixed Scope

          Fixed Capacity

          Pre-Paid Hourly

2.  The level of functional and technical skills needed for each one of these models





The Fixed Scope model offers unlimited support at a fixed price within a predefined scope.  To ensure this model can be viably delivered, this program starts with a Health Check during which we assess the current status and potential risks of the systems and people to be supported.

In our Fixed Capacity model, the customer contracts for named or fractional resources, depending on the supported systems.  The advantage of this model is that we offer a fractional resource, costs are maintained, and the breadth and depth of skills available are typically much deeper.  The concept is a fixed monthly fee for a fixed committed time.

The Pre-Paid Hourly support model provides any remotely-delivered support service for pre-paid hours.  Volume discounts apply for larger upfront commitments of hours purchased.  This is a "safe" way to invest because the hours are always available and the scope is as flexible as needed.

For more information on any of the Support models listed above, please read our solution brief.