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Our Training Approach

A training skills assessment is a consultation with a Savantis Group educator to evaluate your SAP training needs and create a customized approach to address them.

The assessment takes into consideration the job roles of those who need training. For example, we do the following for technical users:

  • Assess proficiency with SAP and any dependent third-party technologies
  • Uncover relevant knowledge gaps
  • Identify a program of courses to close any gaps
  • Create the training timeline

And for business users, we do the following:

  • Profile the community (size, location, types of users; learning behavior, and growth rate)
  • Understand user adoption goals and challenges
  • Identify what's needed (data vs. functional training) to meet the goals
  • Decide which courses need to be customized
  • Set up the training timeline, resources, and delivery methods
  • Create a plan for post-training support
  • Establish a way to measure effectiveness

During the assessment, we explain our education methodology; understand your project status, goals, and personnel profile; and make recommendations to be documented later in a training plan.

Key Takeaways

  • Customized approach to your training needs
  • We assess SAP & 3rd-party system profieciencies
  • We profile user community goals & challenges
  • Courses are customized as required
  • Comprehensive training program & support