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SMS - Service Made Simple

Savantis Group advocates short and concise project steps for every SAP deployment. Our approach is based on the SAP Active Methodology, which is an iterative approach to process, solution design, and execution; driven by process and project step de-composition.

Whether it is a complete project, a phase, or part of a larger transformation effort, each project step is a sprint implementation that can go live in twelve weeks or less. Each step has a defined objective, provides solution ‘visualization’ through demos, focuses on business value, and is measured on a certain set of Key Performance Indiccators. After each step, there is an evaluation and decision point to examine if the objectives have been  met. Do we move forward or do we pause to re-evaluate?

With the Savantis Delivery Approach we:

Ensure the most predictable and fastest time for business value

Allow for early buy in and incremental acceptance from the project sponsors

Improve quality and value to the Customer

Show the customer early and frequent confirmation on the delivery of benefits

Deliver the integration your business demands to start and grow without compromising

Mitigate the risk to reward

Need proof?  Ask our customer.